The Truth is in the Stars


“We are literally at the crossroads of science fiction and science.”

William Shatner, Actor
Captain Kirk, Star Trek


“It is all about dreaming. And science fiction, although entertainment, is about dreaming and imagining. And that is the most powerful force that we know.

Science fiction illustrates, perhaps better than anything, the extraordinary power of the human mind to do much more than it knows, because the human mind dreams of things before they happen.

We are the leading edge of evolution. It is who we are. We represent the self-consciousness of the universe. We are the self-consciousness of the universe. We are the special forces exploring the what-ifs in the battle for knowledge.”

Neil Turok
Director, The Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics


“The lenses of our imagination are the most powerful optics you could ever imagine. They are much more powerful than our eyes, much more powerful than our instruments, – because they allow us to see things that our instruments can’t see but can only interpret.

Everything we take for granted in our industrial world, in our lives, in our society, in our technology, in our industry, in our wealth creation have come from theoretical physics discoveries that explain parts of nature.”

Mike Lazaridis,
Founder, Perimeter Institute/Institute for Quantum Computing


“All too often people like dividing the kingdom of human thought. You’re an artist, not a scientist. You’re a scientist, you’re not an artist. When I think of science fiction I think of the juxtaposition of all branches of civilization.

I think if we are going to take our civilization into space we have to organize that, we need the engineers, we need the scientists, we need the artists that have to imagine that. And it may be that what comes out of that collaboration is the only future any of us should be striving for, and that is one of peace and harmony, and one where we can celebrate the discoveries of science and technology and how art makes it tasty.

Who makes tomorrow come if not the dreamers and the scientists and the technologists who enable?”

Neil deGrasse Tyson
Astrophysicist, Host of the television series Cosmos, A Spacetime Odyssey


“Star Trek presented an optimistic view which is something lacking right now. Science fiction has become very dystopian. A lot of people get their science from entertainment and I wonder what the absence of that exciting, hopeful, optimistic vision is doing. And without that I wonder what is exciting kids today within that genre.”

Seth McFarlane
Executive Producer, Cosmos

The truth is in the stars

A feature documentary in which the original Captain Kirk, William Shatner, examines the impact of Star Trek on popular culture, human innovation, discovery and creativity.

The Truth is in the Stars – Film
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Creating a new world for our future

“Our quantum enterprise is creating a new world to create a better future for our world. Creating an environment for our future to create a future for our environment. Creating the stories and possibilities we imagine we can create, – for our future, for the future of our community, and for the future of our world.”

Roger Chilton
My Point of View

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